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Fit of all, we would like to introduce our selves, we are Alexandria Company for Petroleum Additives(ACPA), which is fast growing Company in the field of petroleum additives, oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, lubricant additives, and fuel additives( gasoline, gas oil&fuel oil ), established under investment law#8/97, EGPC& National banks has a share in ACPA invested capital. ACPA is facing a promising future as ACPA is the unique company specialized in such products not only in Egypt but within the middle east and north Africa as well. Secondly, kindly find hereafter a brief about our products Fuel additives: -Additives Packages to reduce the emission, fuel coumption and increase the engine&furnaces performance. Eg. Gasoline additive packages, gas oil additive packages, low sulpher& vanadium fuel oil additive package and high sulpher&vanadium fuel oil additive packages Water Treatment Chemicals: - which include chemicals needed for boiler, cooling tower e. G Corrosion Inhibito, Scale Inhibito, Biocides, Clarifie, Coagulant Agents, Etc. Oil Field&Refinery Chemicals. Chemicals in complete sets that used in crude oil dehydration fields brine water systems and oily water treatments units, e. G Demulsifie, Corrosion Inhibito, Scale Inhibito, Defoame, Oil Spill, Pour Point Depressants, Etc Lubricating Oil Additives. ACPA produces all the additives which cover the API grads according to the international stande for automotives&industrial packages, besides pour point depressant, VII, ATF& break fluids.

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